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TO PLACE YOUR ORDER for any of our products, either telephone us on 07722 379695 to discuss, place and pay for your order OR please use the BUY NOW button below where you can pay via Paypal or use your credit/debit cards.      

For GLIDERS - please measure carefully your wheel maximum outer diameter including the rubber or plastic tread it comes with and the width of the tread.  Then please specify diameter and width as Size 20D 2W for example – or if in doubt, simply let us know the size of your wheels.  If your wheels are, for example, exactly 11" diameter, go for the larger size 22D for the best fit.


                     MAIN WHEELS DIAMETER:  

                     Size 16D  fits 8” to 8.4” diameter (20cm to 21.3cm)

                     Size 17D  fits 8.5” to 8.9” diameter (21.5cm to 22.7cm)

                     Size 18D  fits 9" to 9.4” diameter (23cm to 24cm)

                     Size 19D  fits 9.5” to 9.9” diameter (24.2cm to 25.2cm)   (Most Powakaddys and Hillbillys)

                     Size 20D  fits 10” to 10.5” diameter (25.4cm to 26.7cm)  (Most Motocaddys)

                     Size 21D  fits 10.5” to 11” diameter (26.7cm to 27.9cm)

                     Size 22D  fits 11” to 11.5” diameter (27.9cm to 29.2cm)

                     Size 23D  fits 11.5” to 12” diameter (29.2cm to 30.5cm)

                     Size 24D  fits over 12” diameter (31cm +)  


                    Size 2W is 3” wide and fits 2.5” to 3.9” (6cm to 10cm) width

                    Size 3W is 4.5” wide and fits 4” and over (10cm upwards) width


Other sizes to order.   GLIDERS also available for the small front wheels, typically 4” to 8” diameter and up to 3” wide, using a smaller moulding to ensure they fit within the frame clearance (15mm required).


We also offer 3 and 4 wheel sets to meet the requirements of those with multi-wheel electric or push/pull trolleys such as Clicgear, in fact we can make to fit almost any demand except those with pneumatic tyres or very rounded profiles across the tread!   Make sure you have sufficient clearance around your wheels to allow for the width and thickness of the Gliders in your trolley frames.


PRICES:            £ 22.99 for a PAIR of Gliders with a 2W width (all diameters).     Please add £5.99 postage and packing.

                           £ 27.99 for a PAIR of Gliders with a 3W width (all diameters).     Please add £5.99 p&p.

                           £ 30.99 for a set of 3 Gliders for Clicgear and all 3-wheel trolleys (can be different size wheels). Plus £5.99 p&p

                           £ 39.99 for a set of 4 Gliders for 4-wheel trolleys (2W width, can be different size wheels).  Plus £5.99 p&p

                           £ 7.99 for a small third wheel (less than 8").      (no p&p if ordered with others)


                          TRAXMAT Size XL: 1metre x 25cm (tyres up to 250mm wide)  £26.99 + £6.95 p&p  per pair

                                       Size L:    75cm x 25cm   (tyres up to 250mm wide)  £23.99 + £6.99 p&p per pair

                                       Size M:   67cm x 17cm    (tyres up to 175mm wide) £20.99 + £6.95 p&p per pair


                           £ 4.99 for the MAGIC BUTTON, includes p&p.


                          If your trolley has the ultra-thin wheel rims/treads, make sure the screws will not penetrate through the plastic wheel -

                          shorter screws are available on request so let us know when ordering that you require these.


                 Postage and packaging cost is for U.K. only - please contact us for overseas orders.



TO ORDER -   Phone us 07722 379695 to discuss, place and pay for  your order using your Credit/Debit cards or Paypal.

                       OR click the BUY NOW button and enter the DESCRIPTION OF YOUR REQUIREMENTS, SIZE ETC.  and      

                       TOTAL PAYMENT DUE INCLUDING £5.99 p&p if BUYING GLIDERS.    



          PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ADD                                                          

            the £5.99 P&P FOR GLIDERS                                                                        





Contact us if you prefer to send a cheque.  Any queries call 07722 379695  or email us at




DELIVERY - Products are made to order and whilst we are usually able to dispatch very quickly, they may take up to 3 - 5 days

to prepare and assemble.  Delivery is via economy courier (3 - 5 days) or contact us if urgent.   Subject to availability of stock.

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