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•Help to minimise damage to golf courses, providing a smooth soft ride, making trolleys easier to use.


•Protect your existing wheels from wear and damage helping you to avoid the need to buy a new set of expensive wheels!


•Are a cost effective and more durable, long lasting alternative to other types including  electric trolley winter wheels where you have to change the complete wheel.


GLIDERS are available in a range of sizes.  They fit over the existing wheels of almost all diameters and widths of your two, three or four wheeled golf trolley.  


Thousands of golfers and golf clubs are now using GLIDERS on their golf trolleys, particularly in winter or wet weather when many courses insist on fitting our winter wheels.  There is no need to remove them for the summer – they look great and work in both dry and wet conditions to give a smoother, soft and skid-free ride. They are durable, long lasting and with minimum risk of splitting or tearing.


They are highly manoeuverable, give exceptional grip in wet and slippery conditions and in summer they offer excellent protection against wear and damage to your original expensive electric trolley wheels.  


Normal golf trolley wheels can cause compaction and mud damage as they skid and cause smearing - particularly in heavily used areas such as around the tees and greens. GLIDERS give outstanding grip and reduce ground contact by up to 80%.   If the golf course you play on is clay based and allowed to get muddy, please try to minimise any clogging of the GLIDERS by keeping to the grassy areas and gravel paths.


GLIDERS are available in a range of sizes and smaller versions to fit the small front wheels of trolleys are also available.  Make sure you have at least a 15mm clearance around the perimeter of these small wheels in their frame.    


Three and Four wheel sets are available for multi-wheel trolleys such as the Clicgear.  We can make to fit almost any demand except those with pneumatic tyres!  Please contact us with any special requirements and check that fitting these GLIDERS will not interfere with the folding of your trolley.


We aim to help the environment and GLIDERS are made from a high percentage of quality recycled rubber mixed with virgin materials to ensure their consistency, quality and durablity.


Fitting is easy and will only take minutes – fittings and instructions are included (see also our FITTING page).



[Some Golf courses implement a complete ban of all trolleys during wet weather, others accept winter wheels such as ours, please check with your greenkeeper.  Check with your trolley retailer/manufacturer if you feel your Warranty might be affected by fitting such devices]


The Intellectual Property in GLIDERS is registered at the Intellectual Property Office and will be rigorously defended.


To PURCHASE, please telephone us with your order (07722 379695)  

  and to pay or go to our "BUY" page or see our eBay and Amazon

     listings and type "Gliders winter wheels" in the search panels.  


Pay by your credit/debit cards or Paypal.

For all TRADE ENQUIRIES, please contact us.

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