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This well known saying is so true and now we have a super simple MAGIC BUTTON for you to attach to your putter when practisingto help you focus on the prime movements of the putting stroke and get those putting scores down.


Statistics show that 40% of our golf strokes on the course are putting strokes – with low handicap players taking on average just 29 putts and the rest of us up to 40 putts where this difference is mainly being off-line!  So let’s get our putting scores down.


Each MAGIC BUTTON comes with a sticky pad to attach to the face of the putter, and is easily removable and re-useable many times.  The sticky pad leaves no residue on your putter.


Attach it to the centre of the sweet spot of your own putter and each time you practice a putt, on the carpets at home or on the practice green, you will find yourself really having to stroke the ball centrally and correctly, or it shoots off at the wrong angle.   You will quickly learn the correct back swing path and centre point to stroke the ball far more accurately.  And you’ll have great fun trying out this simple cost effective device.


Price is just £4.99 (includes free p&p) for 4 of these buttons and pads, so give one to your friends for them to try!


With so many other putting aids on the market, all claiming to improve your game, we believe the MAGIC BUTTON to be the simplest and one of the best.  

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20K by September
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