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When you have received your Gliders, fitting is straightforward - slide the Glider over your trolley wheel and centre it on the wheel.  At least 4 screws and washers are recommended to be fitted to each wheel in the small diamond shaped holes, evenly spaced around the wheel.    


Lift the edge of the Glider off the trolley wheel and insert a large washer  'A' between the Glider and the trolley wheel and position it between the ‘bobbles’ on the underside of the Glider surrounding one of the diamond shaped holes.      Then push a washer firmly into position via the top of the same small diamond shaped  hole.   You now have both washers fitted – one above and one below the bottom of the diamond shaped hole.  

Use a Pozidrive screwdriver to self-tap the screws through the washers into the wheel.  No need to drill a small hole first unless wheels are of a very hard plastic or metal, so a 2mm pilot hole may help – DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the screws.   For the 3-section Gliders, either of the two rows of small diamond shaped holes can be used.  If your trolley has the ultra-thin wheel rims/treads, make sure the screws will not penetrate through the plastic wheel - shorter screws are available on request so let us know when ordering that you require these.


For Clicgear 3 and 3.5 trolleys, the Gliders are designed to be a tight fit over the wheels.  Slide them over the two main wheels - firstly centre them (without attaching the washers/screws), to see how they fit and how well the handle section folds up.   Adjust, if required, with the inside edge of the GLIDERS more level with the inside edge of your trolley wheel so that the extra width of the GLIDER is mainly on the outside of these two rear wheels.  For the front wheel, fit centrally.    

When you have found the best fit, then attach the washers/screws as above.  The GLIDERS are made from a softish rubber that will NOT permanently deform if the trolley is closed and compresses them slightly – including the two “knobs” which may compress the Glider at their point of contact.  Make sure your trolley itself is well adjusted, including the main hinge lever nut and bolt, which if loose or incorrect can cause the trolley to sag in the middle and the golf bag rub on the front wheel.


Note that the 2W width Glider is a minimum of 3" wide and the 3W width is 4.5" minimum, so make sure you have sufficient clearance around your wheels, particularly frames which house the front wheel(s) to allow for this.  Similarly allow for the thickness of our Gliders which is 24mm.


For the small front wheel(s) of your trolley (usually less than 8" diameter), we supply a thinner, smaller moulding , and fit using four or more of the supplied cup washers and screws to fit in the smaller holes with the cup washers sitting in these holes and the screw head in the cup recess.  

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